Real-Time Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations Check

Prevent onboarding high-risk and sanctioned profiles with Compliancely’s real-time anti-terrorism and AML checks.

How Does The Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations Check Work?

The Department of State maintains a list of banned and designated foreign terrorist organizations to counter-terrorism. This list is under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations list consists of all organizations that have been sanctioned and banned by the U.S. Associating with these organizations in any shape or form could bring your business massive federal attention and assessments.

Validating profiles against this list would help you assess the risk and identify if an individual is approaching your business with ulterior motives.

Compliancely’s DFTO Check

For Your Business Compliance Needs

Identify High-Risk Profiles

Diligently check and validate the identities of individuals and groups per the real-time watch lists of the U.S. government.

Verify Terror-Related History

Identify and check the profile’s history with engaging in terror-funding and terrorism regimes.

Accelerate CIPs

Streamline your KYC processes with comprehensive anti-terror and AML checks.

Minimize Manual Workload

Remove the hassle of verifying identities manually. Switch to Compliancely – the smarter approach to identity verification.

Why Choose Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations Check API?

Terrorism is finding its way into our ordinary, busy lives in many ways. It is every individual’s responsibility to be aware of the implications of terrorism and prevent radical profiles in compliant spaces. By incorporating real-time checks like Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations into your KYC operations, you are a step ahead of everyone else to identify and prevent associating with terror-related regimes, groups, and activities.

Compliancely’s Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations Check

For Your Varied Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Anti-Terrorism Compliance With Real-Time DFTO Check API

Identify, validate, and verify profiles listed in the Department of State databases to check if a potential high-risk profile is a threat to national security. By conducting such comprehensive anti-terrorism checks, you are complying with the federal regulations and creating a barrier for terrorists to access sensitive information about the country.

Business Compliance With Real-Time DFTO Check API

If the recent has taught us anything, it is that the modern digital infrastructure of businesses has become a playground for entities that want to encourage terror regimes. Protect your business from money launderers and terror-regime funding entities with accelerated identity checks.

Regulatory Compliance With Real-Time DFTO Check API

Businesses are required to comply with certain regulations to operate and function within the legal status provided to them by law enforcement. By incorporating real-time identity checks in your CIPs and KYC operations, you are countering terrorism by validating profiles through feasible efforts.

Compliancely’s DFTO Check

For Your Business Compliance Needs

Real-Time Search

Identify and verify the profiles in real-time with Compliancely’s DFTO check.

Bulk Search

Validate and verify profiles in bulk with Compliancely’s bulk identity validation solutions.

Integrated Screening

Integrates with a versatile range of tools and applications to remove barriers to seamless compliance, bringing you convenience and ease.

Dynamic Rescreening

Designed to automatically re-screen your entries as and when the Department of State databases are updated. This helps you stay compliant throughout.


They Can Rely On Us

Compliancely real-time API infrastructure helps following industries.

Compliancely Seamlessly Integrates With Your Business Ecosystem

Cloud-Powered Verification

Eliminate the hassle of paper verification and manage multiple customer lists and vendor files with cloud-powered verification.

API Integrations

Get more done quickly with a digital infrastructure that works to make your job easy. Integrate tools and applications to simplify data management.

Secure Accessibility & Compatibility

Diverse experiences meet dynamism with Compliancely. Identify and manage profiles across all smart devices easily.

Workflow Management

Accelerate entity identification by decentralizing your workflow. Assign independent checkpoints for comprehensive data review and analysis.

Secure Identity Check Infrastructure Designed

For Your Business Compliance Needs

Security is not a feature or an added advantage; it is your right. We intend to protect your data and related information because your data is yours. And we want to keep it that way. While our job is to ensure compliance for businesses, we put forward our best digital infrastructure and efforts to safeguard your data within systemic regulations.


Compliancely and all its associated tools and digital platforms are encrypted with bank-grade encryption standards. This security measure encrypts your data and makes it impossible for data interceptors to read or view your data.


Your data is stored on our secure, encrypted servers. We encourage all our users to authenticate every single session. This way only you and persons authorized by you can view, read, and edit the data.


Compliancely provides a very private and confidential experience to its users, wherein your data, sessions, files, information, and all activities are completely private. We do not sell or share your data or information with third parties.


Most frequent questions and answers related to designated foreign terrorist organizations check.

On your Compliancely dashboard, click on the ‘TIN Match’ check and enter the TIN/name combination provided to you by the vendor. You’ll be able to view the results in seconds per the IRS records.

Create your account by registering with your phone and email address. Authenticate your account to secure it and furnish your business information. Your business can be enrolled once you verify your business information.

If your business has been issued a taxpayer identification number or an employer identification number, then you must verify the identification code and cross-check if the IRS has recorded your details accurately. You must also renew it as recommended by the IRS, and provide accurate information to the requested parties.

You can integrate Excel or any of the available data management applications with Compliancely to sync your data. Select ‘Bulk TIN Match’ from your Compliancely dashboard and the vendor data validation process will be accelerated automatically.

Compliancely continuously updates its databases and lists in accordance with the authorized government organizations, allowing users to identify and validate information about their customers, vendors, and entities in real-time.

If the provided information does not match the IRS records or if your request renders an invalid response, it means that the vendor must have provided you incorrect information. Follow up with your vendors and send a W-9 to obtain the correct information.

Yes. Compliancely is an IRS-authorized tax compliance enabler, helping businesses and self-employed individuals with TIN Matching and other business identification requests.

A successful TIN Match means reporting returns with the correct tax identification information. This allows the IRS to identify and track the payer and the recipient entities, eliminating room for corrupt tax practices. By conducting TIN Matches, you’re facilitating compliance, thereby staying in the good books of the IRS.

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Join The Future Of Business Verification With Compliancely
Join The Future Of Business Verification With Compliancely
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