Real-Time Foreign Sanctions Evaders (FSE) List API

Identify, validate, verify, and disapprove entities and individuals engaging in evading the U.S. sanction protocols in real-time.

How Does The Compliancely Foreign Sanctions Evaders List Work?

The federal agencies of the U.S. issue sanctions to foreign nationals and entities from targeted countries for national security regulation purposes. U.S. nationals and U.S. entities are prohibited from associating with these sanctioned profiles.

If your business recently recruited someone from a designated foreign sanctioned country or if you plan on associating with a foreign entity, it is recommended that you validate and verify the identities of the individuals and entities to avoid associating with sanctioned foreign individuals and sanctions.

Compliancely’s Foreign Evaders Check API

Meets Your Business Compliance Needs

Verify Profiles Diligently

Diligently check and validate identities of individuals and entities per the OFAC sanction evaders databases in real-time.

Identify Evaders Instantly

Identify and disapprove entities and individuals that are compromising the sanction regulations of the OFAC.

Prevent AML Violations

Validate and prevent associating with high-risk profiles that have been issued sanctions and are on the OFAC radar.

Minimize Manual Workload

Remove the hassle of verifying high-risk profiles manually. Switch to Compliancely – the smarter approach to regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Compliancely’s Foreign Sanctions Evaders Check API?

There is nothing more daunting than realizing that your business ended up hiring an individual or associated with an entity sanctioned by the OFAC. Do you know what can be worse than this? Associating with entities or individuals who are willfully disregarding the sanctions of the OFAC, and proceeding to engage with off-limit profiles.

Noncompliant associations could cost you hefty financial liabilities, penalty assessments for each violation from the federal agencies, operational prohibitions, and even civil liabilities (including imprisonment).

Compliancely’s seamless identity verification API allows you to identify and validate the source of identities of your profiles. Be it an investor or a recruit, always verify the identities before moving forward with business arrangements.

Compliancely’s Foreign Sanctions Evaders List

For Your Varied Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Anti-Terror Compliance With Compliancely

Businesses in the banking and financial service industries have to deal with a huge inflow of unknown profiles that have to be onboarded as customers or vendors. The due diligence operations help the banks and related financial institutions to verify the identities of individuals with proof.

Compliancely’s real-time identity validation checks allow businesses to identify and assess risk, preventing your business from moving forward with sanctioned profiles.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance With Compliancely

There are a variety of networks that money launderers use to transfer the fund from the source location to the destination location. Banks, financial institutions, crypto, and other networks are a few of the methodologies that the general public is aware of.

Compliancely’s vigorous identity checks allow you to decipher if your next customer or prospect is listed in the Foreign Sanctions Evaders list and enable you to validate the real identity of the profile.

Economic Crime Prevention With Compliancely

Foreign sanctions evaders come in all shapes and forms and could put your business through an endless loop of financial disability and federal attention. Suspicious activity observed in customer bank accounts is the #1 clue or giveaway that something is not right. Low-risk customers do not put their accounts through extreme financial activity and do not engage in cross-border transactions. But you know who does? A potential criminal or money launderer in the garb of a customer.

Compliancely enables you to check and verify if your assessments are factual and help you build your case with evidence.

Mechanism Of Compliancely’s Real-Time Foreign Sanctions Evaders API

Real-Time Search

Identify and verify if the profiles are listed in the Foreign Sanctions Evaders list in real-time per the OFAC databases.

Bulk Search

Validate and verify profiles in bulk with Compliancely’s bulk identity validation solutions.

Integrated Screening

Integrates with a versatile range of tools and applications to remove barriers to seamless compliance, bringing you convenience and ease.

Dynamic Rescreening

Designed to automatically re-screen your entries as and when the OFAC databases are updated. This helps you stay compliant throughout.


They Can Rely On Us

Compliancely real-time API infrastructure helps following industries.

Compliancely Seamlessly Integrates With Your Business Ecosystem

Cloud-Powered Verification

Eliminate the hassle of paper verification and manage multiple customer lists and vendor files with cloud-powered verification.

API Integrations

Get more done quickly with a digital infrastructure that works to make your job easy. Integrate tools and applications to simplify data management.

Secure Accessibility & Compatibility

Diverse experiences meet dynamism with Compliancely. Identify and manage profiles across all smart devices easily.

Workflow Management

Accelerate entity identification by decentralizing your workflow. Assign independent checkpoints for comprehensive data review and analysis.

Secure Identity Check Infrastructure Designed

For Your Business Compliance Needs




Compliancely and all its associated tools and digital platforms are encrypted with bank-grade encryption standards. This security measure encrypts your data and makes it impossible for data interceptors to read or view your data.

Your data is stored on our secure, encrypted servers. We encourage all our users to authenticate every single session. This way only you and persons authorized by you can view, read, and edit the data.

Compliancely provides a very private and confidential experience to its users, wherein your data, sessions, files, information, and all activities are completely private. We do not sell or share your data or information with third parties.


Most frequent questions and answers related to foreign sanctions evaders list.

The Foreign Sanctions Evaders List or the FSE List is a data list administered and controlled by the OFAC. FSE contains the identities of evaders (foreign individuals and entities) that attempted or conspired to violate the U.S. economic and financial sanctions.

It is a list of all foreign individuals and entities that are under the federal radar for violating the economic and financial sanctions of the U.S.

Engaging in commercial transactions with sanctioned profiles in any form would be considered a violation of the U.S. economic and financial sanctions and a threat to national security.

The FSE contains a list of foreign individuals and entities that are termed ‘evaders’ and have been identified for evading the U.S. economic and financial sanctions by engaging in transactions with sanctioned individuals.

Persons and entities within the U.S. are prohibited from engaging in any kind of trade, business, or commercial relationship with the sanctioned individuals and entities.

Disregarding the sanctions and continuing to engage with sanctioned profiles would imply legal and civil implications.

The FSE is a federal watch list maintained by the OFAC to protect the commercial, business, economic, and financial ecosystem of the U.S. from sanctioned foreign individuals and entities from targeted countries. These sanctioned profiles are deemed as a threat to the national security of the U.S.

Foreign evaders are known for conspiring, attempting, and facilitating transactions on behalf of other sanctioned parties to disrupt the economic and financial ecosystem of the U.S.

The FSE list helps businesses, self-employed professionals, and persons of the U.S. to prevent associating with Foreign Sanctions Evaders and sanctioned profiles.

Entities and individuals from targeted countries, such as Iran and Syria, are listed in the Foreign Sanctions Evaders List. Vetting an individual or an entity prior to onboarding with the FSE List will help you prevent engaging with evaders or sanctioned profiles in disguise.

It is dependent on the program tags under which the sanctions have been issued. If an individual or an entity is issued sanctions under, say, the Iran Sanctions Program tag, then the sanctioned profile will be listed in the FSE, and in the segregated subcategory of the OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and the Blocked Persons List along with the relevant program tag.

The Department of Commerce maintains a separate list called the ‘Entities List’. It includes the identities of individuals, entities, and governments that are subject to license requirements for export privileges of goods, services, and technology. Persons in the U.S. are not prohibited from engaging in commercial transactions with the entities listed in the ‘Entities List’.

However, the Foreign Sanctions Evaders List of the OFAC is a more severe sanctions program, and the persons with the U.S. are prohibited from maintaining any kind of conduct with the Foreign Sanctions Evaders listed in the FSE list.

The sanctions apply to the foreign individuals and entities that have been targeted by the OFAC under certain program tags.

The ‘Evaders’ are the foreign parties who have attempted or conspired to violate the sanctions. Every individual and entity in the U.S. is prohibited from engaging with the Foreign Sanctions Evaders listed in the FSE list and hence, encouraged to verify the identities of profiles prior to onboarding for compliance.

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