Improve AML Compliance With Compliancely’s Real-Time PEP Check

Reduce adverse media coverage and potential money laundering allegations by verifying your investor/customer profiles with our real-time Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) check.

How Does The Compliancely PEP Search API Work?

When you want to onboard a potential investor into the business or when you onboard a customer, it is essential to verify the profile against the Politically Exposed People’s database. You see, when the profile assessments show that the individual or the entity has a history of corruption, bribery, or money laundering, it means that the profile is on the radar of the federal agencies.

Onboarding these high-risk profiles could mean bad news for your business because the adverse media coverage, controversial allegations associated with the high-risk profiles, and the unnecessary federal attention could be passed down to your organization.

By verifying the profiles against the PEP data lists, you can easily identify, validate, and assess the risk a profile could bring in and prevent reputational losses and improve AML compliance.

How Compliancely’s SOS Entity Check API

Benefits Your Business Compliance Needs

Verify Profiles Diligently

Compliancely enables you to access and check profiles against the PEP data lists as released by the CIA of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments. This means you can effectively vet profiles and prevent money launderers from making your organization a safe haven.

Approve Low-Risk Profiles

Strict PEP data list checks allow your business to identify fraudulent and high-risk profiles right from the get-go. This further improves the quality of profiles onboarded and reduces overall risk, enabling you to comply with the financial security regulations.

Stop Economic Crime With Better Data

Prevent money launderers, terror financing groups, and individuals from using your organization as a tool to launder funds. Identify and prevent high-risk profiles in real-time and strengthen AML compliance through your KYC operations.

Minimize Manual Workload

Switch to Compliancely and experience the convenience of automated bulk checks. Validating high-risk profiles against a variety of checks allows you to take the appropriate action. Compliancely allows you to automate these processes with dynamic identity solutions that deliver results within seconds.

Why Choose Compliancely’s PEP Check API?

Individuals and entities that have a history of money laundering and terror financing could alter the course of your business for the worse. Due diligence practices with Compliancely’s PEP Check allow you to identify and validate high-risk profiles and delve into the adverse media coverage, enabling you to assess the severity of the risk and the credibility of the profile.

Save time, effort, and money spent on individualized solutions by choosing our consolidated checks customized to meet your business compliance requirements.

Compliancely is Designed To Meet Your Varied
Compliance Requirements

AML Compliance With Compliancely’s PEP Check

Money laundering is a one-way ticket to end up in never-ending legal and civil violation battles with national and international governments. Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Check allows businesses to identify and validate if the recruit, employee, officer in charge, business partner, potential investor, and other associations are compliant.

Prevent Economic Crime With Compliancely’s PEP Check

In the fiscal year of 2019, a total of 990 money laundering cases were reported to the U.S. Sentencing Commission. This means at least 3 money laundering offenses are being reported every day. What if your business falls victim to this daunting financial crime? Your business could end up with operational prohibition orders, penalty assessments, and civil liabilities (including imprisonment).

Optimize KYC Procedures With Compliancely’s PEP Check

Streamline your KYC and customer identification processes with Compliancely’s PEP Check API. As soon as the profile undergoes and passes a basic due diligence check, the enhanced due diligence practice must include a comprehensive PEP screening from Compliancely, which would identify, validate, and verify the profile in accordance with the federal agency’s databases and official records.

How Does Compliancely Real-Time PEP Check API Work?

Real-Time Search

Ensure compliance for your business by validating prospects, investors, partners, and other profiles against the real-time PEP data lists to get the most accurate results.

Bulk Search

Screen a large number of entities and individuals on multiple lists simultaneously to save time. Our consolidated infrastructure enables you to track all checks in one place.

Integrated Screening

Integrates with a versatile range of tools and applications to remove barriers to seamless compliance, bringing you convenience and ease.

Dynamic Rescreening

Our compliance infrastructure is designed to automatically re-screen your entries as and when the PEP databases are updated. This helps you stay compliant throughout.


They Can Rely On Us

Compliancely real-time API infrastructure helps following industries.

Compliancely Seamlessly Integrates With Your Business Ecosystem


Cloud-Powered Verification

Eliminate the hassle of paper verification and manage multiple customer lists and vendor files with cloud-powered verification.

API Integrations

Get more done quickly with a digital infrastructure that works to make your job easy. Integrate tools and applications to simplify data management.

Secure Accessibility & Compatibility

Diverse experiences meet dynamism with Compliancely. Identify and manage profiles across all smart devices easily.

Workflow Management

Accelerate entity identification by decentralizing your workflow. Assign independent checkpoints for comprehensive data review and analysis.

Secure Identity Check Infrastructure Designed

For Your Business Compliance Needs

Security is not a feature or an added advantage; it is your right. We intend to protect your data and related information because your data is yours. And we want to keep it that way. While our job is to ensure compliance for businesses, we put forward our best digital infrastructure and efforts to safeguard your data within systemic regulations.


Compliancely and all its associated tools and digital platforms are encrypted with bank-grade encryption standards. This security measure encrypts your data and makes it impossible for data interceptors to read or view your data.


Your data is stored on our secure, encrypted servers. We encourage all our users to authenticate every single session. This way only you and persons authorized by you can view, read, and edit the data.


Compliancely provides a very private and confidential experience to its users, wherein your data, sessions, files, information, and all activities are completely private. We do not sell or share your data or information with third parties.



Most frequent questions and answers related to politically exposed persons (PEP).

A Politically Exposed Person is someone who is in a position of prominent public presence and uses their influence or power to engage in bribery, corruption, stealing, embezzling, money laundering, and other related financial crimes. The adverse media coverage on a politically exposed person is also considered a critical factor in due diligence.

A Politically Exposed Person Check allows you to check if a person has a record of being involved in money laundering, embezzlement, corruption, and other financial crimes. It is a compliance protocol that enables you to check if an individual is or has a history of engaging with money laundering, terrorism financing, and related non-compliant activities.

Prior to onboarding an individual into your organization, it would be wise to check their history and engagement with money laundering and terrorism financing per the AML compliance directives. Compliancely enables you to do this by searching the identities of the person in the PEP watch list.

With Compliancely, you can screen your profiles with the authorized PEP data lists in real-time, helping you assess the risk ratio of a profile and prevent onboarding the profile per the due diligence insights.

PEP screening is a useful preventative compliance strategy that allows businesses to validate the identities of individuals, assess the risk they pose to the business and prevent onboarding profiles with high-risk potency.

Individuals that engage with money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism financing, and related regimes can be easily identified with a PEP screening, allowing businesses to protect their financial ecosystem from external abuse.

Compliancely’s real-time PEP Search allows you to check if someone is a politically exposed person. If a person is listed in the PEP watch lists or PEP data lists as authorized by the federal agencies, it means that the profile is under the federal radar and has been involved in a financial crime.

Engaging in business arrangements with a politically exposed profile could pose financial and reputational risks for your business.

Screening a profile against the PEP lists would help you conclude the risk quotient of a profile per the AML compliance directives. It helps you assess the risk potential of a profile and helps decide if a person’s identities are as credible and fair as they claim.

A business ecosystem that observes an influx of customers or users or clients must incorporate a compliance protocol, such as PEP screening or PEP Check in order to prevent risk.

Every customer or user profile that you plan to onboard must be verified with the PEP protocol and must not be approved until the profile is validated.

Example: Banks validate the identities of all their customers before allotting and opening the accounts for their customers.

Compliancely offers the power of real-time identity compliance checks to businesses that deal with a high volume of customer profiles.

The PEP Check from Compliancely is a compliance-enabling service that enables businesses to validate if a profile is listed in the PEP data list.

PEP Screening ascertains risk assessment and prevents high-risk profile onboarding. By doing so, businesses can streamline their CIP and KYC verification procedures.

Validating a profile with a PEP Check is a regulatory compliance measure that helps assess and prevent risk.

While screening the profile, the internal compliance teams of your business must consider the insights gained from PEP investigations as it leads to the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) procedures.

While a PEP Check will help you check if a person is listed in the PEP data list, additional compliance checks, such as the OFAC watch list, consolidated checks, and sanctions list checks will complement your investigative efforts.

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