Real-Time Specially Designated NationalsRS (SDN) CHECK API

Avoid on-boarding blocked nationals and entities with Compliancely’s real-time SDN check.

How Does Compliancely’s SDN Check API Work?

The current virtual onboarding trends are compelling businesses from various industries to open up to new customer onboarding experiences. This is especially true for e-marketplaces, neo banks, insurance, lending, and other industries.

While the competitive edge of virtual account opening and operations is appealing, there is a heightened element of risk involved in this approach. It is no secret that the current KYC tech stack is not enough to comply with the regulatory practices advised by the federal agencies.

By integrating Compliancely into your business ecosystem, you are powering your KYC teams with a dynamic identity verification API infrastructure, where you can get the incoming profiles against the Specially Designated Nationals Watch List in real-time and avoid on-boarding individuals and entities from targeted countries.

Verify thousands of profiles in just a few seconds with Compliancely.

How Compliancely’s SDN Check API

Meets Your Business Compliance Needs

Ensure AML Compliance

Our dynamic identity verification API solutions allow you to verify each profile against the authorized SDN Watch List, allowing you to onboard compliant profiles and reject high-risk and sanctioned profiles.

Approve Compliant Profiles

We identify, validate, and verify each profile in accordance with the official records of the Specially Designated National s watch lists. This means you onboard verified profiles and avoid individuals and entities sanctioned in the data lists.

Stop Fraud With Better Data

By verifying profiles against the authorized databases of the Treasury Department, you are a step ahead of everyone. Further, you are validating profiles in accordance with the latest SDN data lists, strengthening your KYC ops with real-time checks.

Lower Organizational Workload

Validating high-risk profiles as a part of the CIP and due diligence procedure can be complex enough. Reduce organizational workload on your KYC teams with automated, real-time identity validation checks by integrating Compliancely within your KYC ecosystem.

Why Choose Compliancely OFAC Sanctions Search API?

Amp up your systemic regulatory compliance operations with a unified compliance infrastructure that enables comprehensive identity checks. SDN screening, profile vetting, and other sanctions-related compliance constituents can be easily addressed with Compliancely.

Save time, effort, and money spent on individualized solutions by choosing our consolidated checks customized to meet your compliance requirements.

  • Screen entities against multiple data lists at once
  • Leverage automated compliance screening and rescreening in real-time
  • Manage organizational compliance workflow

Compliancely For All Your Regulatory Compliance Needs

Compliancely Real-Time Identity API infrastructure is flexible. It’s designed to suit the customized compliance requirements of businesses in a wide range of industries.

SDN Checks For Neo Banking Sector

The ease of usage and convenient onboarding processes make the neo-banking sector one of the fastest emerging markets around the world. However, the virtual banking sector is always at the risk of onboarding high-risk profiles due to the inherent paperless approach.

Compliancely can enable the following for the neo banking sector.

  • Systemic compliance channels to obtain identity information from customers securely
  • Validate profiles with authorized SDN data lists and real-time SDN checks
  • Automate customer identification processes and due diligence
  • Mitigate AML risks and improve approval rates

SDN Checks For Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Cryptocurrency is estimated to become the decade’s largest market. With the number of customers finding their way around crypto, regulatory compliance and identity transparency becomes the biggest hindrance for crypto exchanges and virtual asset service providers.

Compliancely enables the following for the cryptocurrency marketplace.

  • Identify virtual customers with real-time authorized identity checks
  • SDN checks to verify your customers and assess risk
  • Prevent violating the federal security regulations with SDN checks
  • Real-time SDN validation to improve profile transparency

SDN Checks For The Lending Industry

Companies that offer financing services to customers are in constant need of profile transparency and identity validation to approve profiles, enable fund transfers, and allocate debt collection programs. Lending to targeted nationals or blocked entities can put your business at the risk of financial and reputational losses, and tax complexities.

Compliancely enables the following for the Lending Industry.

  • Identify and verify your customers to enable tax compliance
  • Real-time SDN checks allow you to onboard low-risk, validated profiles
  • Power your KYC and CIP processes with automated identity checks
  • Avoid lending financial services and products to targeted/blocked individuals and entities

How Does Compliancely Real-Time SDN/Blocked Persons List Search Work?

Real-Time Search

The best way to ensure compliance for your business is to validate your data against real-time databases and lists to get the most accurate results.

Bulk Screening

Screen a large number of entities and individuals on multiple lists simultaneously to save time. A consolidated infrastructure to track all checks in one place.

Integrated Screening

Integrates with a versatile range of tools and applications to remove barriers to seamless compliance, bringing you convenience and ease.

Dynamic Rescreening

Our compliance infrastructure is designed to automatically re-screen your entries as and when the SDN lists are updated. This helps you stay compliant throughout.


They Can Rely On Us

Compliancely real-time API infrastructure helps following industries.

Compliancely Seamlessly Integrates With Your Business Ecosystem

Cloud-Powered Verification

Eliminate the hassle of paper verification and manage multiple customer lists and vendor files with cloud-powered verification.

API Integrations

Get more done quickly with a digital infrastructure that works to make your job easy. Integrate tools and applications to simplify data management.

Secure Accessibility & Compatibility

Diverse experiences meet dynamism with Compliancely. Identify and manage profiles across all smart devices easily.

Workflow Management

Accelerate entity identification by decentralizing your workflow. Assign independent checkpoints for comprehensive data review and analysis.

Secure Identity Check Infrastructure Designed

For Your Business Compliance Needs

Security is not a feature or an added advantage; it is your right. We intend to protect your data and related information because your data is yours. And we want to keep it that way. While our job is to ensure compliance for businesses, we put forward our best digital infrastructure and efforts to safeguard your data within systemic regulations.


Compliancely and all its associated tools and digital platforms are encrypted with bank-grade encryption standards. This security measure encrypts your data and makes it impossible for data interceptors to read or view your data.

Your data is stored on our secure, encrypted servers. We encourage all our users to authenticate every single session. This way only you and persons authorized by you can view, read, and edit the data.

Compliancely provides a very private and confidential experience to its users, wherein your data, sessions, files, information, and all activities are completely private. We do not sell or share your data or information with third parties.


Most frequent questions and answers realted to tin matching

The Specially Designated Nationals is a federal watch list administered by the OFAC. It includes the identities of all the entities and individuals sanctioned and blocked by the U.S. government. Those who are deemed as a threat to the U.S. national security and foreign and economic policy are blocked and listed as specially designated nationals in the SDN list.

Usually, individuals, groups, entities, and agencies that engage in drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism financing, mass destruction material exports, and related regimes are sanctioned by the authorities, and listed in the SDN list.

With Compliancely, you can easily access the SDN list and search for sanctioned profiles. All you have to do is to enter the identities, such as the name, address, and other identification details to search for the profile in the SDN list in real-time.

The SDN check is a security compliance protocol that protects your business from onboarding entities and individuals that have been sanctioned and blocked by federal authorities. If you disregard these sanctions and continue to engage with the sanctioned/blocked profiles, the conduct will imply civil liabilities.

From a federal perspective, the SDN list is a security measure that protects the economic and financial ecosystem of the U.S. from targeted non-compliant influences.

The Treasury Department states that the SDN and Blocked Persons Lists are updated in accordance with the conclusions of the OFAC investigations with no certain timetable.

However, the current SDN and Blocked Persons Lists are updated with the most recent information and consist of data dating back to 1994.

With Compliancely, you will find real-time results to your SDN queries in accordance with the source records (OFAC).

When you’re validating the identities of a profile, it is possible to find the identities in the federal watch lists. This means that the profile poses a certain amount of risk and it is up to you to assess and conclude the severity of the risk.

The OFAC encourages businesses to validate the profiles thoroughly and abstain from entering into commercial or business arrangements with individuals and entities that are listed by the federal agency as Specially Designated Nationals or Blocked Persons.

There is no certain timetable or interval for the updates. As and when the OFAC investigations are concluded, the watch lists are updated with the validated information.

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