Check Tax-Exempt Status Of Nonprofits With Compliancely’s Real-Time Tax-Exempt Org Search

Check the real-time tax-exempt status of charities and non-profit organizations with Compliancely’s IRS tax-exempt entity check

How Does Compliancely Real-Time Tax-Exempt Org. Search Work?

When businesses want to make charitable donations or want to contribute to a bigger cause, they usually do not hesitate about making the donation. However, the IRS advises businesses to verify the tax-exempt status of the organization before processing payments.

The IRS maintains a comprehensive list of all the organizations that are exempt from federal taxes. This list helps the taxpayers and business entities to verify the federal tax classification of nonprofits or any other entity which claims to be exempt from taxes. This simple check allows taxpayers to check if their charitable contributions are tax-deductible.

How Compliancely Tax-exempt Org. Search API

Benefits Your Compliance Needs

Verify Tax-Exempt Status

Identify and validate the real-time tax-exempt status of a charitable organization within seconds. Validate the tax-deductible status before processing the transactions.

Report Verified Contributions

A stricter screening approach enables you to approve verified organizations for monthly or annual contributions, allowing you to report your tax-deductible contributions accurately.

Avoid Fraud With Better Data

Access to authorized data means strengthening your anti-fraud barrier. Strengthen your accounting teams with fool-proof checks and minimize tax and business compliance risks.

Automate Organizational Flow

Verifying charitable organizations is a mandatory practice. Our real-time checks merge with your business ecosystem to enable effective verification without interrupting your organizational flow.

Why Choose Compliancely Real-Time Tax-exempt Org. Search API?

Improve your existing due diligence process for identifying tax-exempt organizations with Compliancely. Search the entity or individual’s details against the IRS database and get the federal tax classification details within seconds. This gives you insights into the tax regimes that the organization has been following through the years.

This information further allows you to validate if the contributions that you have made to a non-profitable entity or charitable organization are tax-deductible. Businesses that believe in environmental and social causes regularly make huge contributions to new charitable organizations. Imagine if your donations were actually sent to a for-profit entity in the garb of a nonprofit.

The complexity of dealing with such fraudulent organizations is not new or remote. It happens very commonly and it is your responsibility to protect your business and verify the tax-exempt entities before processing the donations.

Compliancely’s real-time Tax-Exempt Org. check enables the following for you.

  • Screen tens and hundreds of tax-exempt organizations at once
  • Validate the real-time tax-exempt status of entities per the official IRS records
  • Manage your KYB and tax compliance operations effectively with authorized checks
  • Get Compliancely For Your Business

Compliancely Changes The Way You Approach Compliance

Tax-Exempt Checks For Emerging Markets

A study conducted in 2018 found that at least 84% of Millennials and 40% of Gen Xers are enrolled in some kind of a monthly giving program. When you consider that these demographics are employed and have contributed through the enterprise policies, the overall figures saved through the tax-deduction adds up. Tax-exempt checks will allow you to accurately report contributions made by your employees through your CSR policies. These trends are especially common in emerging tech giants where the majority of employees believe in being a part of something big.

Compliancely enables the following for your business.

  • Track employee and enterprise contributions independently and collectively
  • Verify the charitable organization and report your contributions accurately
  • Screen and re-screen tax-exempt entities against updated IRS databases in real-time
Tax-exempt Checks For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Be it social, health, environmental, or cultural cause, it is no secret that CSR is one of the most effective ways to build good press and media coverage while contributing to a better future. So, it comes as no surprise that corporates have donated at least $20.77 Billion to disaster relief programs in 2018. This shows that business-nonprofit charitable arrangements must be thoroughly verified before enterprises decide to process any CSR contributions.

Compliancely enables the following for your business.

  • Prevents compensating fraudulent organizations
  • Enables business entity federal tax classification
  • Accelerates regulatory reporting and tax compliance
  • Streamlines entity verification processes and standards
Tax-exempt Checks For Accounting Teams

When businesses contribute to nonprofits, charities, social responsibility causes, and relief programs, their accounting teams are aware of the nature of the transactions. This means accounting teams are in charge of verifying the tax-exempt status of an organization. The insights gained from the identity verification process help the business decide if an organization is legitimate and if the contributions should be processed.

Compliancely enables the following for your business.

  • Power your accounting teams with automated identity checks
  • Reduce manual workload on accounting teams for entity verification processes
  • Minimize transactional errors and reporting inconsistencies

How Does Compliancely Real-Time Tax-Exempt Org. Search Work?

Real-Time Search

The best way to ensure compliance for your business is to validate your data against real-time databases and lists to get the most accurate results.

Bulk Screening

Screen a large number of entities and individuals on multiple lists simultaneously to save time. Compliancely is a consolidated infrastructure to track all checks in one place.

Integrated Screening

Integrates with a versatile range of tools and applications to remove barriers to seamless compliance, bringing you convenience and ease.

Dynamic Rescreening

Our digital infrastructure is designed to automatically re-screen your entries as and when the IRS tax-exempt lists are updated. This helps you stay compliant throughout.


They Can Rely On Us

Compliancely real-time API infrastructure helps following industries.

Compliancely Seamlessly Integrates With Your Business Ecosystem
Cloud-Powered Verification

Eliminate the hassle of paper verification and manage multiple customer lists and vendor files with cloud-powered verification.

API Integrations

Get more done quickly with a digital infrastructure that works to make your job easy. Integrate tools and applications to simplify data management.

Secure Accessibility & Compatibility

Diverse experiences meet dynamism with Compliancely. Identify and manage profiles across all smart devices easily.

Workflow Management

Accelerate entity identification by decentralizing your workflow. Assign independent checkpoints for comprehensive data review and analysis.

Secure Identity Check Infrastructure Designed

For Your Business Compliance Needs

Security is not a feature or an added advantage; it is your right. We intend to protect your data and related information because your data is yours. And we want to keep it that way. While our job is to ensure compliance for businesses, we put forward our best digital infrastructure and efforts to safeguard your data within systemic regulations.


Compliancely and all its associated tools and digital platforms are encrypted with bank-grade encryption standards. This security measure encrypts your data and makes it impossible for data interceptors to read or view your data.


Your data is stored on our secure, encrypted servers. We encourage all our users to authenticate every single session. This way only you and persons authorized by you can view, read, and edit the data.


Compliancely provides a very private and confidential experience to its users, wherein your data, sessions, files, information, and all activities are completely private. We do not sell or share your data or information with third parties.


Most frequent questions and answers realted to tin matching

The IRS Tax-Exempt Org. Search is a data list that maintains the regulatory information of all organizations that are exempt from the U.S. tax regime under Section 501(c) (3). Organizations that are organized and operated for the exclusive purpose of religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, educational, or other specified purposes are exempt from taxes.

The Tax-exempt Organization Search from Compliancely enables you to identify and verify if an organization is really exempt from taxes in accordance with the IRS database.

If an organization is exempt from taxes under Section 501(c)(3) and has applied for and received a determination letter from the Franchise Tax Board and the state income tax department, then such an organization will be exempt from taxes.

Nonprofits must complete and file Form 1023 to be exempt from the IRS taxes.

Learn more here

If your organization is exempted from taxes, the IRS and state income tax department will issue a letter of determination and other paperwork to recognize its exemption status. Alternatively, you can also search the nonprofit organization on Compliancely’s IRS Tax-Exempt Org. Search tool to check the tax-exempt status.

Compliancely’s IRS Tax-Exempt Org. Search enables you to find information on the real-time tax-exempt status of an organization.

This also helps you determine if the charitable donations and contributions you want to make to a nonprofit organization will be exempt from federal taxes.

Learn more here

In order for Compliancely’s Tax-Exempt Org. To search the IRS data list, you will need to enter the organization’s name and the Tax-Exempt Number.

Compliancely scans the IRS data lists to identify and validate the entered details and looks for matches. Compliancely then retrieves the information from the source data list (IRS) within a few seconds, helping you view the tax-exempt status of the entity in real-time.

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