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Identity Verification
in Real-Time for


  • Money Laundering
  • Fake Account Opening
  • Identity Theft
  • Sanction Penalty
  • Lending Risks

Why Businesses need

Identity Verification Solutions

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    Reduce Risk

    Ensuring that a company or individual is legitimate prior to engaging in any business transactions can help to protect you from being involved with an entity linked to financial crimes.

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    Improved Approval Rates

    Being able to confidently verify the identity of a customer can help you to approve more transactions as quickly and as securely as possible.

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    Violation & Penalty Prevention

    By verifying the identity of customers, companies can help prevent potential violations and penalties that could damage their reputation and integrity.

Why Compliancely is the

Verification Solution you Need

Accurate Real-Time Search Results

Compliancely’s cutting-edge identity verification solutions use the latest technologies to provide accurate real-time search results.

Direct Data Coverage

Our solutions are designed to provide direct data coverage of all relevant government databases, allowing companies to easily access the information they need.

Accelerated Compliance For Your Business

Compliancely ensures your business is up-to-date with the latest regulations so you can keep pace with industry changes.

Unified Platform for All Your Needs

Our identity verification solutions are designed to be a unified platform for all of your compliance needs.

  • Global KYB

    Verification Checks

  • Here are the

    Growth Checks Your Business Needs

    • Real-Time TIN & Name Matching
      Instant verification of individuals for accuracy.
    • FATCA List
      Automatically scans & flags suspicious individuals.
    • OFAC Watch List
      Quickly screens for potential non-compliance entities.
    • SOS Business Entity Search
      Identify Businesses to ensure compliance.
    • Excluded Parties List System
      Helps to detect blocked or restricted entities.
    • Excluded Individuals and Entities
      Detects sanctioned individuals & entities.
    • Arms Export Control Act (AECA)
      Vigilantly screens for restricted exports.
    • Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
      Scans for terrorist organizations to promote safety.
    • Specially Designated Nationals
      Protects against engaging with restricted parties.
    • Denied Person List
      Monitors restricted people/entities.
    • Politically Exposed People
      Detects high-risk public figures.
    • Address Validation
      Ensures correct address accuracy.
    • Death Master File
      Scans deceased individuals.

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    Client Stories

    Compliancely helped us with multiple, independent checks for each entity. Highly customizable

    Vinson Manager

    Really simplifies your approach to compliance. Adapts easily and simple to utilize.

    Williams Director

    Bulk TIN matching was made extremely easy. Thanks to Compliancely

    John Vertical Leader


    How does Compliancely's identity verification system work?

    On your Compliancely dashboard, click on the ‘TIN Match’ check and enter the TIN/name combination provided to you by the vendor. You’ll be able to view the results in seconds per the IRS records.

    If your business has been issued a taxpayer identification number or an employer identification number, then you must verify the identification code and cross-check if the IRS has recorded your details accurately. You must also renew it as recommended by the IRS, and provide accurate information to the requested parties.

    Compliancely continuously updates its databases and lists in accordance with the authorized government organizations, allowing users to identify and validate information about their customers, vendors, and entities in real-time.

    Yes. Compliancely is an IRS-authorized tax compliance enabler, helping businesses and self-employed individuals with TIN Matching and other business identification requests.

    Create your account by registering with your phone and email address. Authenticate your account to secure it and furnish your business information. Your business can be enrolled once you verify your business information.

    You can integrate Excel or any of the available data management applications with Compliancely to sync your data. Select ‘Bulk TIN Match’ from your Compliancely dashboard and the vendor data validation process will be accelerated automatically.

    If the provided information does not match the IRS records or if your request renders an invalid response, it means that the vendor must have provided you incorrect information. Follow up with your vendors and send a W-9 to obtain the correct information.

    A successful TIN Match means reporting returns with the correct tax identification information. This allows the IRS to identify and track the payer and the recipient entities, eliminating room for corrupt tax practices. By conducting TIN Matches, you’re facilitating compliance, thereby staying in the good books of the IRS.


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