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Run Multiple Security &
Compliance Checks Against a


Validate the status of an entity or a person against real-time global databases and watch lists in less than 5 seconds


What are the

Growth Checks Your Business Needs

  • Real-Time TIN & Name Matching
    Instant verification of individuals for accuracy.
  • FATCA List
    Automatically scans & flags suspicious individuals.
  • OFAC Watch List
    Quickly screens for potential non-compliance entities.
  • SOS Business Entity Search
    Identify Businesses to ensure compliance.
  • Excluded Parties List System
    Helps to detect blocked or restricted entities.
  • Excluded Individuals and Entities
    Detects sanctioned individuals & entities.
  • Arms Export Control Act (AECA)
    Vigilantly screens for restricted exports.
  • Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
    Scans for terrorist organizations to promote safety.
  • Specially Designated Nationals
    Protects against engaging with restricted parties.
  • Denied Person List
    Monitors restricted people/entities.
  • Politically Exposed People
    Detects high-risk public figures.
  • Address Validation
    Ensures correct address accuracy.
  • Death Master File
    Scans deceased individuals.

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